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May. 20th, 2008

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Sorry about this, but I heard the song somewhere today and it got stuck in my head, so I thought I'd share. :-p

Dec. 24th, 2007

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Merry Christmas!

I'm still reading and commenting some. Just not blogging here. If you want to catch up with me, I'd suggest you read my main blog.

Have a happy holiday to every single one of you!

Oct. 23rd, 2007

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On...Lollipop lollipop oh lollipop...

Start: 23rd September 2007, frogged and restarted 03rd October 2007
Finish: WIP
Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle, colourway "Bob"
Needle: 2.5 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Pattern: Firestarter by Yarnissima via The Loopy Ewe
Modifications: I need to modify the stitches to make it fit my foot. 72 stitches instead of the 60 stitches from the pattern and one extra cable repeat before the gusset increase.

No, no, not my foot. That's definitely NOT a lollipop (well, with the exception of those with foot fetish *LOL* Besides, the colours of the sock isn't that far off either! XD )

Okay, seriously now. I don't know why I didn't post about this any earlier. I've been posting over at the Firestarter KAL page I guess I just kind of forgot about it.

The Firestarter had been neglected for quite a bit because I was so hell-bent on finishing off the Swallowtail Shawl first (and BTW, thank you soooo much for all the nice comments about it!). Not that the Firestarter's going to get any faster because Swallowtail is finished, since I still have other stuff on the needles that I want to get off, too. Not to mention the Mystic Waters KAL which starts tomorrow..and then I also want to design something. ;-)

Anyhow, I like the way my Firestarter is looking. And hanging out with Bockstark Knits had rubbed off the tight-knit on me again....and I have to say that I really like how the fabric's feeling knitted so tight like this.

Now I'm just praying that I won't have problems with the heel turn because I modified the stitch count.

Well, that's all I have to tell for now.....and there's also a reason for the title of the post, too, but you'll just see it at the end. ;-)

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Food for the Ears: Lollipop - The Chordettes (yeah, the song's been running in my head for the whole day now, out of nowhere, really! And I really cannot stop listening to it!)

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Oct. 20th, 2007

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On c'est un papillon!

I know I really have neglected Vox...but you know, trying to keep up with everything isn't that easy. I'm not going to do any backlog. You know where to find the rest.


Swallowtail Shawl
Swallowtail Shawl

Start: 15th September 2007
Finish: 17th October 2007
Yarn: Sheepaints MariSilk (70% silk, 30% seacell), "Elvegrass"
Needles: Addi Lace, 3.5 mm - 80 cm (US#4 - 32")
Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark from Interweave Knits Fall 2006

The cocoon has hatched, and out came a beautiful Swallowtail.

I finished the shawl a couple of days ago, but couldn't get a good photo of it I took the chance today and went out to do some outdoor shootings, unfortunately sans model.

With the exception of the p5tog for the nupps, I think that this is a good knit. It's interesting enough to keep the attention to it, not too hard to make and not too huge to make. It does take a while, but still, it's a lovely shawl to knit!

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Food for the ears:


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Sep. 13th, 2007

Crazy Calvin

Identity Theft / Nigerian Scam on a new level


First off, I'm not the victim, but this scared me nevertheless. So, read and keep things in mind and spread the words around.

I was minding my own business on the computer and just a moment ago I received an email from Diane, which reads:

how are you doing today i am sorry that i didn't inform you about my travelling out of the country on an official assignment,"journalism of course" i was going to cover and bring back story from a glamourous fashion show in south africa. It has been a very sad and bad moment for me, the present condition that i found myself is very hard for me to explain, i am really stranded in Nigeria cos the flight i boarded with my camera man Anthony had a late night stop over here, and we forgot our luggages and my small hand bag in the Taxi where my money, passport, documents and other valuable things were kept on our way to the Hotel that we intend to spend the night, we have informed the Nigerian authorities to help recover our stuffs, and they have assured of doing their best to get it back. i also contacted our embassy back here regarding helping me out to reach our destination, they said it will cost me and anthony $2000 to secure a new passport and visa because we need it to be able to get into south africa. I am facing a hard time here because i have no money on me, and am afraid of informing my office of this, because i will be put-off the assignment immediately, i had to work hard to beat susan to it she is a serious threat and competition to my job, the complicating thing about this whole issue is that this is my first major assignment of my career, ooh God i am so confused.I need you to help me with the visa money and i will also need $1600 to feed and help myself and anthony until the visa is ready, so please can you help me with a sum of $3500 to sort out my problems here? I need this help so much and on time because i am in a terrible and tight situation here. I sent you this e-mail from my pocket blackberry thank goodness i had it in my pocket i found your email address there. I need this help from you urgently, pls visit any western union outlets around you and send the money to Anthony he was smart to have had an extra passport in his camera bag though it has expired, but we have been assured that he can receive the money with it. so below is the address to send it to......

Name:Anthony ikpe
Address: 45 churchill st.
City: victoria island
State: lagos,
Zipcode: 23401
Country: Nigeria

and email me the 10digits mtcn # and the trest question and answer given to you. even if you cannot afford the whole money I will appreciate what soever you can afford to send me for now and I promise to pay back your money.
as soon as i return home.
Really hope to read from you soon
Diane Pernet

Sent from my AT&T Wireless BlackBerry

Now, Diane's a very respectable high profile fashion journalist who I got to know through my contacts with Anina and the other 360 Fashion people.

Firstly I was extremely surprised to get an email from Diane, since I haven't been in email contact with her for so long now (although I still check her blog as well as the other 360 Fashion blogs from time to time).

Anyway, while I was reading the email my alarm went buzzing at the mention of "Nigeria". I mean, I doubt there would ever be any high profile fashion event in Nigeria to start with, let alone so big an event that Diane would fly over to report on in the midst of London Fashion Week. I mean, WTF?!

Then, Diane needing money desperately? I seriously doubt that. Besides, she knows full well that I'm a student. Okay, she probably doesn't know that I'm broke, but still, I'm a student!

Diane's a high profile journalist with great command of the language, and I mean, look at the darn email! It says Diane, however that's definitely not her style! No capital letters, no paragraph? And I doubt Diane would say "coz"....and I also highly doubt that any serious fashionistas would describe the fashion world using the adjective "glamourous"!

Anyway, since the email is so fishy it stinks, I went over to check Diane's blog to see whether she was really stranded in Nigeria....and of course, it's all a scam!

So everybody, be on the watch out, there is a new kind of the Nigerian Scam, with personalisation and all.....keep your guards up! If you get anything similar to this, check with the real person first (even though they might say they were stranded in Nigeria with no phone, try calling them first before taking any action). If you're on the receiving side of the scam yourself and your email has been compromised, go report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Centre!


Aug. 15th, 2007

Fanelendil hearts you!

On Knitting for my sanity

This is long overdue. I've been updating my main blog, but not the others. I took the route of escapism last week and dived in to keep my sanity from all of my stress and my problems at the moment. It seems that things might relax a bit now, but I can't. I still have a lot to do....but anyway, let's talk about....KNITTING!

I'm almost at a lost of where I should start at the moment. First, when we were recording episode #05 of the Knitters Uncensored, I ended up buying two hanks of yarn off from Bockstark Knits. It's the "Erdmagier" from and a blank Knit Picks yarn for me to dye.

Interlacements Tiny Toes: "Canyon Lands"
Package from Esoteric Knitter

Then I also won some sock yarns from Esoteric Knitter. I got two hanks of Interlacements Tiny Toes in the colourway "Canyon Lands". There was also a block of chocolate with blueberries in it...Absolutely yummy! I really don't know at the moment what I'm going to knit up with the yarns. We'll see. (The chocolate is, of course, already gone...what do you expect?!)

Then I think that the next day, I received my Moo Stickers in the post. They're just soooooo cute! I haven't used them at all, because I don't know what to stick them on to. On the same evening, I went over to Bockstark Knits, because we finally got the care package sent to us Knitters Uncensored from ScoutJ. It was held at the customs and Bockstark had to go and retrieve it with a good strategy: Playing the totally stressed out American mum with her two running, screaming 2-year-old twin boys. The people at the customs just got soooo annoyed that they just wanted to get her and the boys out of there ASAP. Hehehehe....what a great strategy, eh?

Scout's Swag Yarn: "South Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen"
Scout's Swag Yarn: "South Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen"

Anyway, the care package has only the yarn that Scout dyed in the colourway created specially for the Knitters Uncensored. It's called "South Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen". If you look at the yarn: The blue is supposed to represent the blue sky in South Tyrol, while the brown/gold represents the colours of the Lederhosen. Clever isn't it? The yarn is gorgeously soft and Scout must have washed them with one of her special soak, because it smells heavenly!

Go Knit Pouch
Knitters Uncensored Moo Stickers!

Not only did we get the yarn, but Bockstark Knits also got in a bit of surprise for us Knitters Uncensored, too. She got the Go Knit Pouch by KnowKnits for us! She put the yarn in the bag....along with the Moo Stickers she ordered specifically for the Knitters Uncensored!

As some of you may know, I'm extremely short on money right now...and some of my friends are trying to help me out. On particular friend thus commissioned two pairs of Jaywalkers from me....and I'll also be translating his company website for him. From my feeling though, I think that he would've just given me money anyway, but I actually really want to get a job...and so he's giving me a job. And I'm really grateful that he actually commissioned me to knit...because it's something I love. Apart from that, I love JayWalkers anyway, so it is a great way for me to earn some money. Although I still haven't talked to him about how much he should pay for the socks....but you know, he told me to knit one in his size and one in a size larger...which is actually my size. He then jokingly said to me that he could just keep that larger pair and then wrap it up and give it to me for Christmas. :-p

Started: 3rd August 2007
Finished: WIP
Yarn: Opal Hundertwasser: "Singender Dampfer in Ultramarin III" (75% virgin wool, 25% polyamide; 100 g / approx. 425 m)
Needle: 2.5 mm/ US #1 - 80 cm Addi Turbos circs
Pattern: JayWalker by Grumperina on MagKnits
Modification: I'm doing this using the toe-up version modified by Natalia Knits and I'm also using the Magic Cast-On instead of the provisional cast-on suggested

This is the smaller sized one. I've actually finished the first side already...and I'm just waiting for my friend to come around and try it on before proceeding to the twin. And so I'm working on the other pair for the moment.

Started: 06th August 2007
Finished: WIP
Yarn: Regia 4-Ply Sierra Colour (75% virgin wool, 25% polyamide; 100 g / approx. 420 m); colour no. #5547 "Ethno"
Needle: 2.5 mm/ US #1 - 80 cm Addi Turbos circs
Pattern: JayWalker by Grumperina on MagKnits
Modification: I'm doing this using the toe-up version modified by Natalia Knits and I'm also using the Magic Cast-On instead of the provisional cast-on suggested

This is the bigger pair. For some reasons, the striping and the colours on this pair remind me of Beetlejuice, even though it's not black and white like Beetlejuice's suit. So, I ended up calling this "Beetlejuice JayWalkers"!

Suzanne Vinnland: Half way
Suzanne Vinnland: Back and heel
Suzanne Vinnland: Half way

Start: 01st July 2007
Finish: Half way on 07th August 2007
Needles: 2.5 mm/ US #1.5 Addi Turbos (100 cm)
Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle, colourway "Suzanne"
Pattern: Vinnland by Becca Compton via The AntiCraft, issue Beltane 2007
Modification: I made a heel flap with Eye of Partridge heel instead of the short-row in the pattern

I've also finished one side of my Vinnland! It's gorgeous and I'm loving it! The twin has already been cast on and I've started into the pattern already. However, it's put to the side for the moment, because I was busy with the commissioned JayWalkers.

Sunset in Winter Anklets
Sunset in Winter Anklet: Side B
Sunset in Winter Anklet: Side A

Started: 30th July 2007
Finished: 11th August 2007
Yarn: Regia 4-ply, Hand-dyed by me (75% superwash virgin wool, 25% polyamid; 50 g / 210 m)
Needle: 2.5 mm/100 cm Lang Needles (comparable to Addi Turbos)
Pattern: Universal Toe-up Sock using Magic Cast-On

Then I also finished the footsies I made with my own "Sunset in Winter" kettle-dyed!!! I love them! I wear them around the house almost all the time now. I'm just really proud of how it turned out.

And lastly (almost), when we were recording episode #06 of Knitters Uncensored this last weekend, there was so much talk about the Montego Bay much that I can't resist casting on for one myself...

Start: 11th August 2007
Finish: WIP
Needles: Addi Lace 4.5 mm / 80 cm
Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle, 100% Superwash Merino in "Raku Regenbogen"
Pattern: Montego Bay Scarf by Amy R. Singer in Interweave Knits Summer 2007

I cast-on 37 stitches plus 4 chain edge stitches. Really easy knit...and I'm LOVING the colourful look from the Raku-Regenbogen. It's such a contrast to the (semi-)solid SeaSilk I see out there. ;-) It has grown in the might also noticed that I called mine "Monte Carlo Scarf"...just sounds more grand, I guess. :-p

Last bit of news is that I've picked up the Icarus Shawl again....and it's growing! :-)

Have a great week, everyone!

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Did you think
Adrina Thorpe


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Jul. 26th, 2007

Fanelendil hearts you!

On Dipping my hands in dyeing

So, here goes my first attempt at dyeing.

After brooding over and gathering information...I decided last night that it's now or never. Or like Bockstark Knits had said to me about the podcast: "Just do it!"

I went ahead and re-hanked the two 50 g skeins of Regia in cream that I got a while ago for dyeing purpose and then I soaked them in a solution of warm water and vinegar.

This morning drained them and squeezed out the excess fluid then just laid both hanks in the pot, added warm water (trickling down the side of the pot and not directly on to the yarn) until it was just enough to cover the yarn. Then I added an unknown amount of vinegar to it. I then put the pot on the stove and started heating it up gently (I settled on one - I have three and halves steps on my stove).

While the pot was warming up, I mixed the colours. The problem I had about starting this was because I can't think of the colours I wanted on the yarn. Until I came to the conclusion that I just wanted to learn about it and I wouldn't care about the colours. I decided to go with four: Orange, red, purple and green. I was using liquid food colourings.

For the green: It was almost pure green, although I added a drop of blue and a couple of drops of yellow to it.

For the red: Same here, almost pure red, but it wasn't deep enough for me, so I added a couple of drops of blue.

For the orange: I just mixed red and yellow together until I was satisfied.

For the purple: Same as the orange, but this time with blue and red.

I also add an unknown (and pretty copious) amount of vinegar to each colour jar.

For the most part, I was more or less following this kettle dyeing tutorial (next time, I'll try with this one).

I started dropping in colours, working from the orange at 11 o'clock and adding colours clockwise. Now, you have to take into account that I was dyeing two hanks at once, so a hank might get more of one colour than the other. In the beginning, I was thinking of being careful about where I put the dye in....after about 30 seconds I just thought: "The heck with it!" and then started just pouring in the colours, prodding around about with a wooden spoon.

I put the lid on partially and left the pot simmer for an hour....boy, does that vinegar stink! After an hour, the water is clear (it's magic!) and I let the pot cool outside on my balcony for another hour.

Sunset in Winter
Sunset in Winter

I then rinsed the yarn out in a bath of pH-neutral handwash and then rinsed it again in a bath of Eucalan.... this is the interesting part: I've read somewhere last night that purple is a colour that's hard to get exhausted properly....and that happened with me. When I was rinsing, I noticed that a lot of red was being rinsed out....and it came from the purple mix. So, many parts that were supposed to be covered in purple ended up turning light blue, with partial purple to it wherever the red decided to stick with the blue. Well, that was my first learning lesson. I wasn't surprised or anything, because I kind of expected that the purple wouldn't work out's just the fact that I didn't know that the blue would still be there but the red would wash out.... that was my adventure into kettle-dyeing for the first time! I wasn't really concentrating on the fun part, because I was trying so hard to keep the steps in mind and I was more curious to see about how things work. I'm sure that the next time, it's going to be fun. ;-)

And thanks to the hot sunny weather, the hanks dried up so fast! Sooooo, I got to wound them up into yarn cakes and then wanked them back into hanks again. And I have to say that I'm feeling really smug right now as how they both turned out:

Citrus Tangerine Sherbet
Citrus Tangerine Sherbet


I'm really mighty pleased with myself right now. Each hanks are only 50 g (210 m). I should think that each would be enough for a pair of anklets for myself. ;-)

The base yarn I used was Regia 4-Ply in cream (#0600), 75% superwash virgin wool, 25% polyamid.

I've named each hank so: The top one is "Sunset in Winter" and the bottom one is "Citrus Tangerine Sherbet".

So, tell me what you think!

Current Mood: Great and I also felt accomplished having dyed the yarn (I also managed to finish one of my papers while dyeing, too!)
Food for the Ears: PotterCast #112: Live, with book 7 discussion

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Jul. 21st, 2007

Wollmeise Colour Wheel

On Blame that Potter

I had been toying with the idea to unplug for as long as I haven't got the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in my hand and haven't read it yet....but alas, I came to the conclusions that I shouldn't need to, since:

1) I read Knit-Blogs...need I say more?
2) Non Knit-Blogs that I read are from sensible people who won't spoil the fun for other people
3) I don't do Harry Potter forums (well, I'm in a couple, but I don't really hang out there)
4) The only other surfing I'm doing is to research for my papers
5) Oh yeah, and I stalk the yarnies, too

So, as you can see, I don't think I'm in danger of having the last book spoilt for me by some idiotic buggers who sold the book sooner than other people or that jerk who took photos of the book content.

Oh....and DHL's being as slow as....errr...well, I guess it's their normal pace. But when it says "DHL Special" then I'd have thought they'd be faster. But well, I still haven't got my copy yet....and so I won't be leaving the house until I have it in my hands.

Aside from that, we were supposed to record the next episode of Knitters Uncensored today...that is, until I realised that Deathly Hallows' coming out today and I had to postpone it. :-p

Anyway, at the least I received a package yesterday. Yup, my latest Stash Enhancing eXperience with Drachenwolle! Aren't they yummy? This time, I got two hanks of the merino-silk-ramie mix (the two on the left) and two hanks of merino-linen mix (the two on the right). I'm looking forward to knit up something with the merino-linen, just because I've never worked with that kind of fibre mix before...

...and that bottom one on the right, don't the colours just remind you of Lime & Violet??!

Y'all have a great weekend!

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Jul. 17th, 2007

Fanelendil hearts you!

On...I made the headline again!

Erstens: Herzlich Wilkommen an jede, die hier gekommen sind durch den SZ Jetzt Artikel!

Soooooo, as some of you may know, I've given an interview to a German newspaper some time ago...and now the article is printed and is also online (although in German). I'm sooooo giddy about it. :-p

Anyhow, I actually am doing quite okay with my seminar papers at the moment. Found a professor for my diploma thesis and I'm in the process of writing up a proposal for him to review.

Nach dem Stress von den vorigen Wochen, habe ich mich wirklich mal hingesetzt und an meine Seminararbeiten geschrieben. Es geht so einigermaßen. Besser ist aber, dass ich jetzt einen Prof gefunden habe, der meine Diplomarbeit betreuen wird. Ich bin grad dabei, neben all meinen Seminararbeiten eine Art Gliederung zu schreiben für den Prof. Also drückt mir schön die Daumen, gel?

On Sunday morning, I went to the Kocherlball. I actually was supposed to go with Cashyie, but she went out the night before and she had to crash. Luckily another friend of mine was there, so I could join up with him and his friends, so all was well. Funnily enough, one of his friends turned out to actually live across the street from me. Small world, eh?

Letzter Sonntag morgen war ich aufm Kocherlball. Eigentlich hätte Cashyie mit mir mitkommen sollen, aber sie war die Nacht zuvor ausgegangen und musste letztendlich schlafen gehen. Gottseidank war ein anderer Freund von mir auch aufm Kocherlball und ich habe mich zu ihm und seinen FreundInnen gesetzt. Lustig war, dass die eine Freundin von ihm genau mir gegenüber wohnt. München ist echt einfach ein großes Dorf.

Nothing much to tell actually. I went over to Bockstark Knits to hang out and enjoy the A/C. Cashyie turns up a bit later and we just hung out and watched a DVD. I then had to make my way home to change out of my Lederhosen and went to SnB. That pretty much concluded my Sunday (which I deserve, since I spent the glorious Saturday afternoon in the library! That doesn't happen very often with me).

Ansonstens gibt's eigentlich nichts Großartiges zu erzählen. Ich bin nach dem Kocherlball zu Bockstark Knits gefahren und habe bei ihr die Klimaanlage genossen. Cashyie kam dazu noch und wir haben uns eine DVD angeschaut. Danach musste ich schnell heim, um mich von meiner Lederhosen umzuziehen und mich auf dem Weg zu Stitch 'n Bitch zu machen. Im Grunde genommen war das halt mein Sonntag...den ich auch verdient habe, denn ich habe ja den ganzen schönen Samstagnachmittag in der Bilbiothek verbracht. ;-p


And now, to some yarn content. I scored the hank you see above from Bockstark Knits. It's the Tausendschön sock yarn in "Schwarze Rose" ("Black Rose"). Red's not actually my colour, but for some reason, this one really spoke to me. I think it's the black part in it. ;-)

Und jetzt mal ein bisschen Wolleinhalt. Der Strang daoben habe ich von Bockstark Knits bekommen. Es ist die Sockenwolle von Tausendschön in "Schwarze Rose". Normalerweise mag ich rot überhaupt nicht, aber das Schwarze in der Farbe hat mich angesprochen.</p>

Start: 12th July 2007
Finish: WIP
Needles: 4.5 mm / 60 cm Addi Turbos
Yarn: One ball each of OnLine Linie 194 Solo in #0002 and #0013
Pattern: Made up one

I don't think that I've mentioned this here. A couple of weeks ago, Holly (Blogless), a listener of our KU podcast came in and I went on a yarn crawl with her. I wasn't going to buy anything until I came across the OnLine Linie 194 stuff. I remembered that the Yarn Harlot had knit with it...and so I wasn't going to pass the chance to try it out. I don't know how long it's going to turn out. I haven't knit any further with it...and I don't know who the recipient's going to be (Cashyie?). Well, maybe I'll do some kind of competition here and will give it to the winner....or maybe I should put it up to grab in the podcast. We'll see.

Ich glaube nicht, dass ich darüber hier schon erwähnt habe. Jedenfalls war ich auch einem Yarn-Crawl mit Holly (sans Blog) vor ein paar Wochen. Sie ist Zuhörerin von uns Knitters Uncensored. Eigentlich brauchte ich ja gar keine Wolle mehr...naja, bis ich die OnLine Linie 194 gesehen habe. Ich konnte mich daran erinnern, dass die Yarn Harlot ja auch was daraus gestrickt hat...und daher wollte ich die Chance nicht verpassen, mal auch was Lustiges zu stricken. Ich weiß nicht, wie lang der Schal wird, denn ich habe ja nicht weiter daran gestrickt. Außerdem habe ich auch keine Ahnung, wem ich den Schal geben sollte. Ich selber werde das nicht tragen können...naja vielleicht Cashyie. Oder ich mach irgendein Spiel hier und Ihr könnt den fertigen Schal gewinnen...oder ich mach das beim Podcast. Mal schauen.

Otherwise there isn't anything more on the knitting front. I haven't knit any more on the Charlie Brown Blues or the Vinnland. Right now I'm just getting my seminar papers done as well as getting the Super Secret Project with Scout done. ;-) So, I guess that's all I have to say for now. Y'all have a great week!

Nun, das wäre's alles, was ich Euch jetzt zu berichten habe. Mehr gibt's z.Z. nicht, was das Stricken betrifft. Ich habe nichts weiteres gestrickt, weder an Charlie Brown Blues noch an Vinnland. Zur Zeit bastle ich ja nur an meine Seminararbeiten und stricke das Super Secret Project fertig für Scout.

Also dann wünsche ich Euch allen eine schöne Woche!!

Current Mood: Giddy
Food for the Ears: "Olaf, der Elch" von Volker Kriegel, gesprochen von Dirk Bach. (Vielen lieben Dank, Torsten!!!!)

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Jul. 5th, 2007

Wollmeise Colour Wheel

On Socks-Zalabim and Stash Overload

Started: 01st July 2007
Finished: WIP
Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle, colourway "Suzanne"
Needle: 2.5 mm / 100 cm Addi Turbos
Pattern: Vinnland by Becca Compton via The AntiCraft, issue Beltane 2007

Iris Sibirica JayWalkers off the needles, new Wollmeise jumped on the needles. ;-) I had been contemplating about which socks I should do next, because I don't think I want to start another JayWalker right away. The Vinnland just popped into my head while I was winding the yarn cake.

I've also wound the yarn cake for the Billy Reid's socks from the Podcast.....srsly, what do you guys think about making a Billy Reid Socks KAL? I haven't cast-on though, since I really have no idea what I'm going to do.

Start: 01st July 2007
Finished: WIP
Needles: 2.5 mm/100 cm Lang Needles (comparable to Addi Turbos)
Yarn: Drachenwolle sock yarn wool-silk-ramie in Rust-Teal-Grey/Beige
Pattern: Sorry, can't tell

Vinnland and Billy Reid's socks aren't the only ones on the needles...but there's also this Super Secret Project that I'm not allowed to talk more about. And thus you're getting only this sneak peek. No, it's not my own design, I'm doing this in collaboration with someone. ;-) The yarn I'm using is the Drachenwolle I got last week. I'm really digging this yarn! It feels kinda papery at first (because of the Ramie), but I had my experiences with the Trekking Pro Natura with bamboos already, so it didn't disconcert me. The Drachenwolle yarn knits up gorgeously! And at that price, there will sure be more orders I'll place......but then again...I'll get to that point later on.

Started: 04th March 2007
Finished: 02nd July 2007
Yarn: On Line Supersocke 100, colour #907
Needle: 2.5 mm/ US #1-2 Addi Turbos (using MagicLoop method)
Pattern: Universal Toe-up Sock using Magic Cast-On
NB: Gusset and heel-flap construction based loosely on the method from Stitch Stud and His Bride

And yeah, not only did I finished the Iris Sibirica Jaywalker, I sped through the rest of the Barfetta (formerly known as "The Cat's Barfed Up On My Foot"). Basically, I actually knit a whole sock in one day. That's a record.

So, yeah, I've finished the pair and they'll go to live with Cashyie...

Now, I briefly mentioned something about yarn earlier. You see, since last week, I pretty much had a steady stream of new yarns coming in to live with me. It feels like Christmas! It all started off with the Drachenwolle.....

On Monday, I got a package from England....and it was yarn from Middle Earth Knitter! I did a swap with her back in early June. I sent her a hank of Wollmeise and she sent me one of her own yarn from her Etsy shop! Originally, I wanted another colourway, then she updated her shop and I saw "Elven Cloak". Being the LotR geek that I am, I must have Elven Cloak! Thank goodness she hasn't mailed off my package yet and so was able to swap the yarn! Isn't that just super sweet of her?!

The yarn is soft and gorgeous! I had a bit of a hard time trying to capture all the shades of greens that are so close to each other in the yarn. The light conditions here hasn't been very optimal...but I managed to get it after a re-take this morning.

Sheepaints Sock Yarn: "Elvetree"
Sheepaints Sock Yarn: "Cheesecake"
Sheepaints Sock Yarn: "Florecita"

Then yesterday, Ms. B, aka Bockstark Knits skyped me and told me that there's a package for us Knitters Uncensored. We were expecting the package anyway. It was from Sabi (Sheepaints) and Andrea (Das Schneeschaf). The package contained GORGEOUS yarns in them (and a tape measure, which Ms. B readily confiscated). Anyway, here are the gorgeous yarns:

So, all these three hanks are from Sabi (Sheepaints). The last one ("Florecita") will go to Cashyie. The other two ("Elvetree" and "Cheesecake") are staying with me. I think it's fair, since it's like I'm trading Cashyie the one hank for the Barfetta. ;-)

As for Ms. B, she took the only hank of MariSilk by Andrea (Das Schneeschaf)....there could have been a show down on that MariSilk hank, but luckily for Ms. B...

...I had ordered a hank of MariSilk from Sheepaints last week (Sabi-Sheepaints and Andrea-Schneeschaf are friends and they know each other personally, that's why they both have Marisilk). I wouldn't have ordered see, I got the email about the shop update on Monday night and I proceeded to promptly forget about it until Thursday night. When I went to have a look, all other hanks of MariSilk were gone, except "Elvegrass"!

I had been chatting to Sabi and had mentioned to her my dismay at not being fast enough to get "Elvewood" (dark green with speckles of gold and brown) from an earlier updates. So, I was convinced it must have been destiny that "Elvetree" was the only one still available after such a time after an update. And not to mention "Elves" here (see above), I just had to get it. ;-) Sabi's going to dye another "Elve" version up and I'll be poised to get it, since I want to make a shawl out of this stuff. I think she'll be doing a darker one, but I can still alternate the rows with the two colours anyway. ;-)

As for the yarn itself, the MariSilk is just pure softness!!! It's just plain yummy!!!

Taking a photo of this particular hank was such a challenge for me. You wouldn't believe how many photos I've taken with this yarn and how many tries I had. It was an absolutely no-go with my usual white backdrop. I just couldn't capture the correct colour at all. Not even with my mad touch-up skillz (tm). I tried every trick I knew....until I thought about getting a very contrasting backdrop to the yarn....It worked! I still had to do some touch-ups nevertheless, but the colour you see is pretty true. It's a very pale-green almost yellowy colour. Reminds me of grasses that are fading away towards autumn. *bliss*

Now, this is not the end of it yet. Tomorrow, one of our podcast listeners is coming in from the US to visit family, but she will also be meeting up with us (mostly me, who's available...but Ms. B should be able to pop around to say hi. Cashyie will be at work and won't make it). She's also carrying along a package from Peech Purls for us. So, yeah, more goodies to come! :-p I'm sooooo excited about meeting up another listener, since it was soooo much fun meeting up with KnitEurope last Saturday. ;-) So, if you're ever around in town, just give us a yell and we'll try meet up!

Well, I guess that's about it for this entry. Hope y'all are having a good week!

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